Loan Parameters

Primary Loan Terms:

  • Who may apply (Loan Applicant): Loan Applicants must have verified CORE status with the City of Sacramento. See CORE ELIGIBILITY section.
  • Interest Free: The loan has no interest or is interest-free.
  • Loan Maturity: 6 years (72 months).
  • Use of Loan Funds: Applicant must use requested funds for a legal cannabis business in the City of Sacramento.

Loan Repayment

Loan repayments will begin on the first date listed on the loan amortization schedule found in the loan documentation provided to the borrower. Thereafter, monthly repayments are required, until the loan has been repaid in full.  Sample repayment amounts are provided on the chart below:

Loan repayments are to be made as follows:

  • Via a check/cashier’s check/money order mailed to the City of Sacramento, Revenue Division at 915 I Street, First Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

Borrower name and invoice number to be written on the check.

Copy of invoice to be enclosed with the check.

  • Via online payment at

You will need your invoice number, customer id, and form of payment.

  • Pay cash in-person by making an appointment with the Revenue Division